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Smart access

Connect & Control

Smart Access

Waste Vision’s access control system does much more than apply selective access to waste containers alone.

The system is a solution for reducing the amount of residual waste, to collect cleaner resources (such as organic waste, textiles, household packaging waste, paper and diapers), and to influence your users’ behaviour.

Waste Vision offers access control systems which can be mounted on all types of waste containers, both below- and above ground.

Connect & Control

Smart Access

Users can open the container with a non-contact device, namely their pass, tag, phone or watch.

The reader is in immediate contact with the owner of the card, tag, phone or watch and informs him or her of the number of their deposits, their outstanding balance and other waste information.

By displaying a fill rate light on the container, we show the user whether or not it is available for use.

Connect & Control

Smart Reader

The smart reader is equipped with the latest network communication technology. The reader automatically chooses the strongest available network, so that the system keeps itself connected and operational continuously. It is accessed remotely for system updates.

Daylight saving and time zones are recognised by the reader, and the clock settings are adjusted automatically.

Connect & Control

Smart Power

Our access and fill rate systems consume very little power. In order to provide power to the battery, the containers are equipped with solar cells.

The battery and accumulator are placed inside an IP67 case, which is guaranteed to be water- and dustproof. It has a very durable IK 08 class daylight cell.

The energy system has a very wide temperature range – from minus 25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius – and has its own fuse.

The status of the battery is always visible. This is to ensure that the system operates properly and to replace the batteries on time.

The reader is battery-efficient, it has a very sturdy IK08 TFT display and consists of a large internal memory for the transactions and user lists.


Connect & Control

Smart Lock

The sturdy electronic locks are designed with a smart system. They are produced after 25 years of practical experience in the most extreme circumstances.

Several versions of the locks can be provided, so that they can be matched with every type of container, both with a drum as well as with a hatch.

The lock unit is made of stainless steel and plastic, so that the unit is optimally protected against corrosion and the lock is prevented from freezing.

The owner is able to open, or close, every container remotely in case of calamities and maintenance work.

Connect & Control

Smart Detection

The access system detects situations like a jam in the opening or when the container has been emptied. This information is sent immediately to the software system.

Connect & Control

Slimme interactie

Waste Vision koppelt een breed scala aan sensoren aan haar toegangscontrole systemen. Zo ziet u door middel van bijplaatsingsdetectie op afstand al dat er afval naast de container is gezet, bijvoorbeeld of hoe vol een container is.


Robust housing IK08


5G Catm1 LteM Realtime Communication


Temperature range –50C to 85C.


Compatible with Mifare, DESfire cards, and NFC & Bluetooth (Smartphone & watch).


Large memory for (digital) access passes and transactions.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands


“Ensuring the guaranteed operation of the access systems is essential for the quality and continuity of your service.

These are the assurances you can rely on as a customer. To provide you with the certainty that this continuity is maintained, we pay attention to various relevant points during the design and testing of our products. This includes factors such as guaranteed operation, robustness, and consistent and sustainable performance.

All electronic products are designed and manufactured by Waste Vision itself in the Netherlands.”

At the moment, Waste Vision maintains 38,000 access control systems. You can find our access control systems in the containers of all major suppliers in Western Europe, such as:

If you’re interested in our access control system, we’d love to show you why Waste Vision is the best choice! We take care of everything from A to Z, and you as our customer determine the extent of support you want.

Step 1: Meet & greet

During an introduction, you’ll get to know our organization, and we’ll assess your needs. We’ll tell you more about the products and applications we offer.

Step 2: Digital design

We provide a (digital) design for you, ensuring that the system will be mounted correctly. During this phase, you’ll have the opportunity to test the access control system.

Step 3: Exploring the software

With the deployment of hardware comes the use of our software. This software allows you to monitor your containers, plan, and map out the most efficient route.

Step 4: Coordinating delivery

If you decide to purchase our access control systems, we will coordinate the delivery conditions and schedule with you. The lead time of the above process depends on the size of your order. Some systems can be delivered from stock, but for larger orders, a lead time will be discussed that aligns with your project.

Step 5: Simple installation

With the product deliveries, you will always receive installation work instructions. If you find yourself short on manpower, our technical team will take care of this for you.

Step 6: Delivery before payment

You will only receive an invoice once the work has been completed and the system is operational.

Step 7: Delivery guarantee

“Plug, Play & Interact! That’s the delivery guarantee you benefit from when you choose Waste Vision.”


1. The lead time of the process described above depends on the size of the order. Some systems may be available from stock, but for larger orders, we will coordinate a lead time that is more suitable for your project.

2. You will receive your invoice from Waste Vision once we have completed our work, meaning when the systems have been delivered to you. Afterward, you will receive a monthly invoice for the subscription you have signed up for with us.

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