Most acurate fill-level
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3D fill-level system  

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3D fill-level system

With our fill-level system, you are able to very accurately measure the fill-level of containers above- and belowground.

If you monitor the fill-level and the speed at which the container is filled, it is possible to predict when a container will actually be full. Collecting waste with a fixed schedule is outdated.

With fill-level identification and prediction, you only empty when it is really necessary. You reduce your mileage without containers overflowing, so you save.

The 3D fill-level system is linked to our Software Suite, so you get the maximum return from this solution. You gain ground in terms of service, the environment and efficiency!

2 till 400 cm.

Most acurate fill-level

Waste Vision’s 3D fill-level system is a self-contained system which is easily installed. After that it operates and maintains itself. We therefore speak of: Plug, Play & Interact!

The system calibrates itself when placed in a container. It measures the available space for accurate fill-level identification and it uses daily protocols to ascertain whether the system is 100% operational.

Unique in the industry

3 ultrasonic fill-level sensors

The 3D fill-level system of Waste Vision uses 3 ultrasonic fill-level sensors, which is unique for the industry. 3D sensors provide the most reliable and accurate fill-level measurements.

The system can be used independently or it can be linked to the Waste Vision access control system.

At this moment Waste Vision maintains 52.000 fill-level systems. Our fill-level control systems are installed in the containers of all the larger suppliers in Western Europe, such as:

Automatic calibration and emptying detection

The sensor independently measures the waste bin at the beginning and periodically thereafter to ensure accurate fill level measurements. After emptying, the fill levels are reset to the starting position, initiating a new filling cycle.

Internal Memory

Up to 10,000 fill measurements can be stored for 6 months in case of a power supply failure and/or insufficient radio network to allow the sensor to communicate with the server.

Fill Level Measurement

Radar sensor technology detects the shape of the waste and can see through plastic bags for optimal measurements.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.


Ensuring the operational efficiency of the fill level system is crucial for the quality and continuity of your service.

These are the guarantees you can expect as a customer. To provide you with the assurance that this continuity is maintained, we pay attention to various relevant points during the design and testing of our products. This includes factors such as guaranteed operation, robustness, and consistent and sustainable performance.

All electronic products are designed and manufactured by Waste Vision itself in the Netherlands.

Let’s begin

If you are interested in our fill-level systems, we would be happy to show you that Waste Vision is the best choice!
We will support you as our costumer from A to Z till the level of assistance you need.

Step 1: Meet & greet

During a meet & greet you learn more about our organisation and we will assess your situation. We will also tell you all about our products and applications.

Step 2: Digital design

We will provide you with a (digital) design, so the system can be installed correctly. During this phase you will be able to test the fill-level system.

Step 3: De software ontdekken

Implementing hardware goes together with using our software and we use Route Vision. This software enables you to monitor your containers and plan and design the most efficient route.

Step 4: Delivery

Would you decide to purchase our fill-level systems, then we will finetune the supply conditions and schedule with you. The lead time of this process depends on the size of your order. Some systems can be supplied from stock, whereas for larger orders we will agree a lead time aligned to your project.

Step 5: Installing the system

You always receive clear instructions for installing our systems with every product delivery. If you are short of hands, our technical team will carry this out for you

Step 6: Pay after delivery

You will not receive an invoice before the work has been completed and the system is operational.

Step 7: Delivery assurance

Plug, Play & Interact! This is the delivery assurance you benefit from when you choose Waste Vision.


1. The lead time of the process described above depends on the size of the order. Some systems may be available from stock, but for larger orders, we will coordinate a lead time that is more suitable for your project.

2. You will receive your invoice from Waste Vision once we have completed our work, meaning when the systems have been delivered to you. Afterward, you will receive a monthly invoice for the subscription you have signed up for with us.

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