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Radar fill-level system

Plug, play & interact!

Radar fill-level system

Our radar fill level system offers you the ability to accurately determine the fill level in trash bins, waste containers, and storage tanks, regardless of the nature of the substance, whether it’s liquid or solid.

By monitoring the fill level and the speed at which the container is filled, you can precisely predict when the container needs to be emptied. Collecting waste at fixed frequencies is no longer contemporary.

Providing just-in-time services and optimizing your operational processes is our commitment.

The radar fill level system is integrated with Route Vision software, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from this solution. You gain ground in terms of service, environment, and efficiency!

An autonomous system

Reliable measurements

The radar fill level system from Waste Vision is an autonomous system, which activates and operates itself after simple installation. We therefore refer to it as: Plug, Play & Interact!

The system is so intelligent that it calibrates itself when placed in a tank/container/trash bin and monitors its operation for correctness.

Provider independent

Latest communication technologies

De radar sensor zorgt voor de hoogst betrouwbare metingen. De sensor maakt voor elke meting een daadwerkelijke scan van de container, waardoor de vulgraad wordt bepaald. De meet- en communicatie frequentie wordt automatisch ingesteld, waardoor u altijd op de hoogte bent van de meest actuele vulgraad van al uw afvalcontainers. Het systeem maakt gebruik van de nieuwste en meest efficiënte provider-onafhankelijke communicatietechnologie.

Automatic calibration and emptying detection

The sensor independently measures the waste bin at the beginning and periodically thereafter to ensure accurate fill level measurements. After emptying, the fill levels are reset to the starting position, initiating a new filling cycle.

Internal Memory

Up to 10,000 fill measurements can be stored for 6 months in case of a power supply failure and/or insufficient radio network to allow the sensor to communicate with the server.

Fill Level Measurement

Radar sensor technology detects the shape of the waste and can see through plastic bags for optimal measurements.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.


Ensuring the operational efficiency of the fill level system is crucial for the quality and continuity of your service.

These are the guarantees you can expect as a customer. To provide you with the assurance that this continuity is maintained, we pay attention to various relevant points during the design and testing of our products. This includes factors such as guaranteed operation, robustness, and consistent and sustainable performance.

All electronic products are designed and manufactured by Waste Vision itself in the Netherlands.

Op dit moment onderhoudt Waste Vision 52.000 vulgraadsystemen. Onze vulgraadcontrolesystemen worden gebruikt in containers van alle grotere leveranciers van West-Europa. Dit zijn:

1. The lead time of the process described above depends on the size of the order. Some systems may be available from stock, but for larger orders, we will coordinate a lead time that is more suitable for your project.

2. You will receive your invoice from Waste Vision once we have completed our work, meaning when the systems have been delivered to you. Afterward, you will receive a monthly invoice for the subscription you have signed up for with us.

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