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For generations, waste has been written off. Labelled as useless junk. But residues that used to be worth nothing are now seen as valuable resources. Waste Vision leads the way in this circular revolution by encouraging municipalities, citizens, and businesses to separate fractions and collect them as sustainably as possible. This way, we are taking steps towards a society where waste is not the end, but the beginning of something beautiful.

3D ultrasonic fill-level system

Real fill-level determination thanks to 3 sensors.

For underground and above-ground waste containers.

Standalone or linked with access control.

Only collect full containers.

3D fill-level system
Radar fill-level system

Deployable from trash bin to storage tank.

Looks through plastic and contaminants.

Short measuring range and adjustable measuring angle.

Applicable in other industries.

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Software improved waste separation

“With our smart systems, you collect waste much more efficiently. A key role is played by containers with online sensors, which send a signal when they need to be emptied.”

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