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Asset management

For generations, waste has been written off. Dismissed as useless junk. But residues that were once worthless are now seen as valuable resources. Waste Vision leads the way in this circular revolution by encouraging municipalities, citizens, and businesses to separate fractions and collect them as sustainably as possible. This way, we take steps towards a society where waste is not the end, but the beginning of something beautiful.

Container Care

Everything starts with modern collection tools made from high-quality materials. But for reliability, hygiene, and long-term quality, Container Care is essential.

Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, and Inspection.

Waste Vision offers the unique Container Care concept to ensure your assets have maximum lifespan.

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Software assets

With Waste Vision’s Asset Management software, you can register all your assets and the work performed on them. You can also plan your maintenance and get assistance with the execution of tasks!

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