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Our modular, self-learning software platform forms the heart of our technology.
Collect only when necessary

Stop wasting resources

In many cities and municipalities, waste collection vehicles still follow the same literal “round around the church.” Due to lack of knowledge and technology, collection is based on fixed frequencies. In practice, this means emptying either overflowing or nearly empty containers, resulting in low service levels and unnecessary mileage.

With Waste Vision, this waste of time, manpower, and equipment disappears!

Connect & Control

Efficient collection

With our smart systems, you can collect waste much more efficiently. A key role is played by containers with online sensors, which signal when they need to be emptied. Based on these notifications, an algorithm plans the most efficient collection routes. These routes are automatically sent to the onboard computers of the collection vehicles.

This way, the vehicles do not drive a meter too much and skip empty and half-full containers.

Standardized interfaces and APIs

Plug, Play & Interact!

The Waste Vision software suite works with all common internet browsers, is available in multiple languages, and can be used on any computer or tablet with internet access.

Waste Vision is ISO27001 certified, has set up its server capacity in various locations in Western Europe, and ensures maximum security for data communication.

These software products are designed, produced, and maintained by Waste Vision with its own developers in Hengelo, Netherlands! This is something we are proud of.

Streamlining processes

New insights thanks to data

In addition to important fill level data, we also store various other useful information during waste collection. Through our Route Vision software, you can see exactly how much time employees need per location, how full the vehicles are, and where the collection vehicles are at any given moment. You use this accurate and up-to-date data to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes. Route Vision can be integrated with any ERP system, which is a bonus.

Utilize Waste Vision software for optimizing your static and/or order-driven routes.

In the past, we have already integrated our systems with various other software vendors:

1. The lead time of the process described above depends on the size of the order. Some systems may be available from stock, but for larger orders, we will coordinate a lead time that is more suitable for your project.

2. You will receive your invoice from Waste Vision once we have completed our work, meaning when the systems have been delivered to you. Afterward, you will receive a monthly invoice for the subscription you have signed up for with us.

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