Container Care

Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, and Inspection.

We care about containers

Everything starts with modern collection tools made from high-quality materials. But for reliability, hygiene, and long-term quality, Container Care is essential.

Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, and Inspection.

Waste Vision offers the unique Container Care concept to ensure your assets have maximum lifespan.

Sustainable management of your resources

Container Care

Container Care® is the unique concept of Waste Vision.

At a central location in your collection area, we set up our temporary or permanent maintenance center.
The containers are brought to this location for thorough cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and inspection.

Preventing unsafe conditions and congestion

Safe and swift

Containers are temporarily removed from the street by us. This prevents unsafe situations and congestion on the street. A temporary replacement container is placed at the location where a container has been removed.

Hard-to-reach and crucial components are also cleaned


Containers are emptied and thoroughly cleaned, making them ready for preventive maintenance, repairs, and inspection. Liquid-tight containers ensure that any contamination does not seep into the soil during container cleaning.

By placing the containers on a tilting mechanism, hard-to-reach but crucial components of the container can also be cleaned!

Long-term fewer repairs


Take good care of your containers, and they will stay safe and last longer. By checking them for wear and tear and performing preventive maintenance, we solve problems before they arise, resulting in fewer repairs needed in the long term.

Our technicians quickly resolve any issues


From time to time, repairs are inevitable. Not a problem: our technicians quickly resolve major and minor issues.

Most parts of the containers placed in the Netherlands are locally stocked by us.

Inspectors are TÜV and DNF certified


To keep safety certificates up-to-date, it’s important to have your containers inspected annually.

Inspectors from Waste Vision are TÜV and DNF certified and provide detailed reports to give insight into the condition of collection tools.


Training people from young to old

Care about people

At Waste Vision, SROI (Social Return on Investment) is highly valued. We consider it our social responsibility to contribute to employment opportunities for everyone.

We achieve this employment in two ways: firstly, by providing opportunities for people with barriers to employment, and secondly, by training people of all ages in the tasks involved in Container Care.

In addition to our social responsibility in terms of employment, various components used by Waste Vision for maintenance and repairs are manufactured by people with barriers to employment.

We work closely with our customers and social enterprises to make a local impact in your area.

Your continuity ensured


To provide you with the assurance that your continuity is maintained, we pay attention to various relevant points during the work and inspections. This includes factors such as using the best quality materials, TUV-certified inspectors, and consistent and sustainable performance.

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