Smart inside

Hard- and software for smarter collection

Waste Vision is continually innovating and uses technology to make products and processes more efficient and more sustainable. Our solutions are plug & play, user friendly and scalable.

Smart access: Access Control

Our under and above ground waste containers with access control reduce the risk of vandalism and illicit dumping. Users open the collector with a special chip card or smartphone.

Smart scanning: Ultrasonic

Our unique Ultrasonic system has a single scanner with three sensors which scan the interior of the underground containers from different angels. Using ultrasonic signals they constantly measure the contents of the container to determine how full it is and if there are any blockages.

Smart scanning: Radar

The smart Waste Vision Radar-Sensor effortlessly measures the fill rate of above ground containers, rubbish bins and roll containers. It ignores fixed objects and among other things can see through plastic bags in rubbish bins.

Smart tracking: Tracer

The Smart Tracking Tracer is our intelligent tracking device for valuable, non-powered assets. Thanks to this tracer you always know where your container is, its temperature and when it is moved, picked-up or emptied. So you can act quickly if necessary.

Smart software: AWRS/Tardif

Waste Vision is behind the two largest container management systems in the Netherlands. Our AWRS and Tardif applications can be used for electronic access control, data registration, remote management and fill rate readings.

Smart software: Route Vision

Our modular, self-learning software platform is at the heart of our services. Connected to sensors, smart technologies and IT-solutions, you have all the tools within reach to make routes, collection and maintenance plans more efficient and more effective.

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