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the 5G Sunrise

Sunsets and –rises 

With Waste Vision, and previously Mic o Data, I have been paving the path of innovation for more than 25 years already.

New technologies present themselves and we keep saying goodbye to old ones.

Telecom providers worldwide are currently switching their networks’ capacities to 4G and 5G. This means that, following the 3G networks, the 2G network will now also be phased out. In the telecom sector they are speaking about a sunset.

We have gratefully been able to use the 2G/GPRS technology within the waste sector. In my opinion and from a technical point of view, this communication technology has not yet reached its end of life. But the economic lifespan has long expired for the telecom providers and they have let Waste Vision know for definite that the Sunset will actually become a reality.


Telecom providers have announced that 2G-networks will cease to exist, mentioning the date April 1st, 2025.

What does this 2G Sunset mean for our customers exactly and what does the 5G Sunrise look like? What can you expect of us, as your IoT partner, and how can you prepare with us for the journey towards the 5G Sunrise?

From the moment the date for the Sunset was announced, at Waste Vision we set up our organisation in such a way that all customers can have their new 5G modems installed on time. This way, information processes and waste collections are guaranteed to remain operational and new opportunities will become available to us.

Download our whitepaper!

We have summarized all information about the 5G Sunrise for you in this whitepaper.

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