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Asset tracer

Plug, play & interact

Your assets always in sight

Assets are valuable and should never get lost. With our intelligent tracking system, you are always sure of the location of your resources and their latest movements.

You simply place the Tracer on one of your assets. It is wireless and small, so all your non-powered resources now also become connected and traceable.

Apart from tracking options, the Tracer System offers several other functions as well. For example, your mobile app is always in contact with your Tracer by means of standard NFC-communication. That enables communication in both directions and allows you to commission your asset on site. Information with regards to tests, inspections and maintenance, can be saved to the Tracer.

Losing time by searching for a resource is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the GPS application in the Tracer, you can always drive directly to it.

Linked with our Route Vision Software, you will take the most out of this solution in terms of service, the environment and efficiency.

Connect & Control

Location detection

Waste Vision’s Tracer system is a self-contained system and that means: Plug, Play & Interact.

The autonomous system is intelligent. It starts working from the moment it is linked to your valuable asset. Because of the fully automatic installation protocols, the Tracer configures and monitors itself for correct operation.

Automatically reports actions

Suitable for all assets

After every movement or activity, the system automatically reports the action performed and new location.

The very sturdy system is suitable for all your valuable non-powered assets. It will operate even in the most extreme conditions, due to the awarded IP67 class.

The system uses the latest and most efficient provider-independent communication technologies.

Robust Casing IK08

Long Battery lifetime up to 5 years

Realtime communication of events


Designed and produced in The Netherlands


The guaranteed operation of a Tracer system is essential for the quality and continuity of your service delivery.

Waste Vision owns 80.000 communicating systems in Western Europe. We have 25 years of experience in the area of designing and producing electronic systems for use in waste containers.

Buy local, build local! All our electronic products are designed and produced by Waste Vision in The Netherlands.

Let's begin

If you are interested in using our tracer systems, we would gladly prove to you that Waste Vision is the correct choice! We support you from the moment you make the decision until we keep your system operational. You decide which type of support you need.

Step 1: Meet & greet

During a meet & greet we will explain more about our organisation and we will assess your query. You will also learn about the products we offer and applying them.

Step 2: Digital designing

We will provide you with a (digital) design, so that the system can be installed correctly. During this phase we offer you the opportunity to test the Tracer.

Step 3: Exploring the software

Using software goes together with using hardware and we use Route Vision With it you can monitor, plan and route your resources.

Step 4: Setting the delivery

Once you decide to purchase the Tracer system, we will agree the delivery conditions and planning with you.

Step 5: Operations first

You will receive an invoice when the work has been completed and the system is operational.

Step 6: Easy installing

We always supply instructions for installing our products with their delivery. If you are unable to do this yourself, our technical team will be happy to install it for you.

Step 7: Delivery assurance

Plug, Play & Interact! That is the delivery assurance you can count on when choosing Waste Vision.


1. The lead time for the process described above, depends on the size of the order. Some systems can be delivered from stock, but for larger orders we will confirm a lead time which is more suitable for your project.

2. You will receive your invoice from Waste Vision when we have completed our work, so at the moment that the fill rate systems are delivered to you. After that, you will receive a monthly invoice for the subscription you took out with us.

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