Standard if possible, custom made if required

Waste Vision has a collection system for every scenario. Many are standard. We can also make systems to meet specific requirements or with a unique look.

Underground Container

We design, install and maintain underground containers for every type of waste. With a modular design, container parts can be easily replaced, ensuring low maintenance and service costs.


Ideal for separated waste collection

Maintenance friendly

Low service costs

Above-ground Container

We design and produce above-ground containers in many shapes and sizes. They are suitable for all types of waste and pick-up systems and have a uniform look.


Suitable for all types of waste

Work with every pick-up system

All shapes and sizes

Semi-underground Container

The attractive price, low maintenance costs and practical versatility make our semi-underground containers ideal for waste collection.


Attractive price

Low maintenance costs



Duo-containers provide two deposit points. The lower body, including the discharge valves, can be adapted to take two types of waste thereby making optimal use of the dump location with only one container.

Organic waste housing

A modern and robust casing for the collection of vegetable, fruit and garden waste. Available to fit different sizes of containers, the casings are particular suitable for separated waste collection near high-rise buildings.


Absolutely no odour

Reduced nuisance from vermin

Can be designed to meet requirements or street look

Protection devices

Waste Vision’s protection devices are CE certified guaranteeing optimal safety around the containers, their users and for waste collectors.


CE certified

Applicable to all containers

Safe and reliable

Concrete Manholes

Thanks to our contractors and suppliers we can deliver and place almost any type of concrete manhole. Adding a Waste Vision safety floor or safety gate will ensure care free use and maintenance of your collection point.


Wide selection available

Many combinations possible with a variety of protective devices

Waste bin

Keep public property tidy with our sturdy, practical and maintenance free waste bins. From our extensive range you are sure to find a type that meets your needs.


Keeps public property clean

Different models available

Very maintenance friendly

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