Container Care

Take care of your waste systems

Everything starts with modern collection systems of high quality material. For long-term reliability, hygiene and quality W.O.R.K. is required : Wassen, Onderhoud, Reparaties en Keuring (Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Certification). Waste Vision offers support on all fronts.


Thanks to our universal washing vehicles, collection systems and their surroundings are cleaned with ease, regardless of type or brand. Hot water and high pressure removes the most persistent dirt. Waste water is collected and cleared away.


Take good care of your containers to ensure safety and long service life. Preventive maintenance and quality control will detect any wear and reduce the number repairs in the long term.


Repairs are inevitable from time to time. But no worries: our skilled mechanics quickly solve defects big and small. Waste Vision containers have a modular construction and most components are available locally.

Testing and certifying

It is important to test your containers annually to keep safety certificates up-to-date. Our inspectors are TÜV certified and provide detailed reports on the state of your containers and collection systems.

W.O.R.K. where you want it

If you do not want washing vehicles blocking your streets we are very happy to set up a mobile workshop on the edge of town or location of your choice.  Complete with tools, spare parts and mechanics to get your containers quickly back in business.

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