Waste Vision supplies, maintains and operates waste collection containers (incl. hard- and software) for consumers and companies. This is always done on behalf of a municipality or a waste collector on behalf of a municipality. Personal data is in this case used.

Waste Vision handles personal data carefully and guarantees that it will only be used for the purposes for which the client (municipality) has instructed Waste Vision.

Your data will therefore never be made available to third parties by Waste Vision unless a government agency authorized to do so issues Waste Vision.

Protection of data

Waste Vision processes personal data in accordance with the guidelines in privacy legislation and the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG). The GDPR indicates when personal data may be processed and what conditions Waste Vision must adhere to. Waste Vision does not process sensitive personal data as defined in the GDPR.

Reporting data breaches

If personal data is stolen, accidentally erased or given to someone who is not allowed to take notice of it, then this is a ‘data breach’. A data breach can have serious consequences. That is why every data breach is reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) in consultation with the client of Waste Vision. Additional information about the GDPR and the conditions can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Consumer rights

As a consumer, you have obtained additional rights under the GDPR regulations. This is successively the right for: Inspection of data processed and stored by you, erasing your data, correcting your data, information about the purpose of the processing of your data and objecting to the processing of your data. You can turn to your municipality for the above matters, as Waste Vision carries out its activities on behalf of your municipality.